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The story of Hart.

Hart of the Barossa is a premium organic wine brand produced by Vintners Michael and Alisa Hart, custodians of the oldest certified organic vineyard in the Barossa Valley.

Brave and faithful is the Hart motto embodied by our first courageous ancestors who arrived in South Australia in 1845 with steadfast dreams of a fruitful life on the land.

Amongst the first free settlers to acquire terra firma in the untamed Barossa Valley, the earliest address for these pioneers with seven children, was a hollow tree on the banks of the North Para River.

Today we uphold the Hart spirit and have preserved a fertile patch of terroir in the heart of the Barossa. The Hart block is the oldest ‘certified organic’ vineyard in the valley.

Nurturing our organic vineyard, including a patch of 100 year old vines, is a family affair with much of the farming practices still performed by hand. Devotion to our vines and the environment is rewarded each vintage with distinctly intense fruit, the way nature intended. Hart family wines display the character and individualism behind our heritage.

Distinct terroir, organic viticulture, pure fruit, handcrafted wine. Our philosophy at Hart of the Barossa is centred on sustainable farming practices, so that the next generation can continue the legacy of grape growing. Our inspiration is to create bold (brave) and authentic (faithful) wine from the purest grapes nature can offer, which is better for the environment, better for our health, and absolutely tastes better.

Hart of the Barossa
Corner Vine Vale & Light Pass Road, Vine Vale
SA 5352
Contact us: alisa@hartofthebarossa.com.au
Give us a call: 0412 586 006

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